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Bus and Tram Express

Region 6 EA Update

Jun 10, 2022Uncategorized

After the combined 24 hour strike, TSA stopped using the services of the bargaining agent they had employed (an ex-liberal Victorian Senator), and unions are finally dealing with the company directly. This is a huge win and we might actually get somewhere instead of running in pointless circles as we have been for months.

The RTBU and TWU have also been working on unifying our respective Log of Claims, thereby doing much of the work of walking through how two sets of conditions are best combined to the benefit of ex-STA AND new employees. For our members in Region 6 we stand united.

We’ve had a single meeting in the new format which has accomplished more than the last year of bargaining combined, and we’re cautiously hopeful that the company is actually interested in coming to a negotiated settlement. Time will tell, but as long as members remain strong in their conviction to continue to fight for fairness, the union will lead that fight.

The next meeting will be held on the 14th of June.