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Bus and Tram Express

Red light camera at Mayfield goes troppo

Mar 30, 2012News

Drivers at the Belmont depot are becoming increasingly frustrated and angry as they continue to receive infringement notices for a legal left-hand turn in Mayfield.

A safety camera at the corner of Maitland and Maud Street is clocking buses as they move forward on the green arrow from the shared lane to turn left and is fining them as if they are running the red light and travelling straight ahead. 

Delegate Peter Daniel said that the depot approached the RTA to get the camera investigated but has yet to receive a response.

“Drivers who are in the traffic fund have the fine paid for them but even so they have to wear the demerit points,” says Peter.

About half a dozen drivers have been affected at Belmont and one operator, Mark Robinson, challenged the infringement notice through the State Debt Recovery Office and won.

He made is application for review online but warns that he did not receive any official notification of the cancellation and advises if you are going to challenge to check the website or call the SDRO after you have made the application to find out whether it has been successful.

If you want to challenge your fine you can call the State Debt Recovery Office on 1300 138 118 or visit their website www.sdro.nsw.gov.au. You’ll need an infringement notice number in order to discuss the details.