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Bus and Tram Express

Randwick drivers take action over depot transfers

Feb 15, 2012News

RTBU members took immediate action when drivers were transferred from Randwick to Kingsgrove recently, calling for the drivers to be returned to their home depot.

The transfer was an abuse of management and outside the regional zoning agreements. Randwick drivers refused to go to Kingsgrove and the matter was brought to the attention of management.

Members can be proud of he action they took. It demonstrated the benefits of informing the union of the matter straight way so that the appropriate steps could be taken.

When the drivers from Randwick returned to their home depot, it left State Transit very red faced as it exposed the lack of communication between managers, Roster Clerks and Duty Officers.

Drivers should be aware of their depots regional zoning arrangements and contact the local RTBU delegate immediately if they are not adhered to.

NOTE: Randwick regional zones for loaning are as follows: Waverly, Port Botany, Leichhardt, Burwood and Tempe.