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Randwick driver raises reflection issue on new buses

Oct 24, 2012News

When a reflection started appearing in the nearside mirror of the new 2400 series of Scandia’s and Volvo from a poorly placed new sticker on the buses at Randwick, a quick thinking member had the foresight to photograph the problem and report it.

The problem after investigation occurs when the sunlight hits the bus on the right had side causing a reflection off the sticker to occur in the nearside mirror.

STA placed the stickers there and when a complaint was put in said that no one was allowed to move the sticker but themselves.

As such, drivers began booking up the entire 2400 series at Randwick for maintenance.

Correspondence between the RTBU and management reached boiling point when management said the issue would have to be held over for further discussion until the fleet service manager returned from annual leave.
The RTBU demanded immediate action on the issue and after some discussion management agreed to remove the stickers causing the problems.

However, the problem was only fixed at Randwick, so buses from other depots may still have a similar problem.

Anybody noticing this problem should report the issue to the depot delegate and book the bus up immediately.

Randwick members would like to thank the member at the depot who had the foresight to capture this telling image.