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Bus and Tram Express

Quick action from union reopens Loftus St to buses

Mar 21, 2016News
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A sign erected at the corner of Loftus St and Bridge St in the dead of night last week effectively took away the ability of buses to complete their routes legally and to schedule.

The “NO LEFT TURN Vehicles 12m and over” sign surprised drivers and would have resulted in operators taking timely detours to follow traffic rules, or breaking traffic rules.

RTBU officials quickly brought STAs attention to this issue – asking for advice of changes to routes for outbound services caused by this sign.

Within 24 hours after complaints were lodged by the North Sydney delegate and members, the sign was amended by RMS, now allowing vehicles under 13m to turn left, effectively removing the restriction on buses.

This is the sort of action and response we can get from the government when issues are brought to the unions attention.

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