Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Protections negotiated for members at Western Sydney Buses

Sep 13, 2012News

The RTBU has been in negotiations to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome for members affected by the upcoming closure of Western Sydney Buses (WSB).

Neville Trinder

The closure of WSB will come as no shock to the approximately 50 bus operators affected by the changes who have always known STA’s control of the service was a temporary arrangement.

At a date yet to be announced in 2013, the T-Way and the entire Western Region (currently private operators) will be awarded to one successful tenderer. This has been the intention since the inception of the T-Way 8 years ago

Following negotiations with STA the RTBU has so far established an agreement to the below arrangements for affected members:

  1. Re-deployment – All WSB employees have been guaranteed a job at State Transit Depots, with all entitlements (including sick leave) in tact.
  2. Employees who do not take up the offer of re-deployment and have between 5 and 10 years service will be able to cash in their long service leave on a pro-rata basis on closure of WSB.
  3. Employees who do not intend to take up the offer of re-deployment will have the option of accruing up to 40 days annual leave and ADO’s which can be paid out as a lump sum on closure of WSB.
  4. From 30th September, in recognition of the inevitable closure, all bus operator’s hourly rates will be increased by 40c per hour plus penalties.  Team Leaders (also our members) will be paid in line with STA Yard Supervisors (a rate superior to their current rate).
  5. Employees who do not take up the offer of re-deployment will be issued a free family NSW Travel Pass covering a period in line with their (paid out) entitlements.
  6. Re-deployed members will have their seniority recognised at State Transit.

The RTBU will also make representations on behalf of members to the successful Tenderer (when announced) in order to ensure the best options for our members.

Tram and Bus Officials would like to acknowledge the efforts of local WSB Delegate Neville Trinder in this very difficult and obviously unsettling period.