Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Positive COVID-19 Cases on Light and Heavy Rail

Dec 4, 2020COVID19

As many members would have seen, there was a recent positive COVID-19 case on the light and heavy rail. Transport for NSW has things in hand, implementing extra cleaning and more rigorous contact tracing across the network with Opal cards. Public announcements about the times and locations the individual was on transport have been held. For those who missed it, these are-

Light Rail:

  • Friday 27 November Convention to Central at 4:01pm – 4.11pm
  • Saturday 28 November Convention to Central at 3:14pm – 3.29pm
  • Sunday 29 November Convention to Capitol Square 3:58pm – 4.09pm
  • Sunday 29 November Capitol Square to Central 4.55pm – 5.03pm
  • Monday 30 November Central to Convention 06:39am – 6.54am
  • Monday 30 November Convention to Central 3.10pm – 3.26pm

Drivers in cabins are considered to be casual contacts, so testing is not required. Transdev has done some extra cleaning around the depots, including meal rooms. CSO/AOs who were in the area at those times have been asked to get tested and employees who have to wait for results will be able to access special leave.