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Bus and Tram Express

Poor communication leads to bus chaos at La Perouse

Oct 12, 2011News

The La Perouse terminus has been closed and replaced with a new turning circle and lay up area.

Staff have encountered a number of problems that have arisen from this the first of which was a lack of information from the STA – work on the roadway started with no traffic plan or information about the start and finish date of the changes.

The new turning circle

The members driving the 14.5m buses also discovered that in order to access the lay up and bus stop, they have to perform a three-point turn over the new roundabout.

The Port Botany delegate Philip Cooksey and first relief delegate Michael De Meo have been in discussions with STA management over three days to try and find a solution.

As a result the 14.5m buses were kept in the depot over the weekend and it has been agreed this will continue until a solution can be found.

A tight fit

Philip and Michael, along with STA management tested every 14.5m bus to see which of the buses could make the turn safely. Those buses that cannot make the turn will not be used on La Perouse services.

The STA will also see Michael assist drivers in making this turn and STA management have mechanics trying to find a solution to the problem of differences in the turning circles of the Scania buses.

This issue will be closely monitored every step of the way by RTBU delegates.