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NSW Transport document leaks – Why we CAN’T trust Constance

Jul 6, 2017Uncategorized

The NSW Opposition Leader has accused Transport Minister Andrew Constance of misleading Parliament, after leaked confidential documents appear to contradict his claims the multi-billion-dollar Sydney light rail project is on time and on budget.

Cabinet in confidence documents obtained by the Opposition show that in March, the Government’s own bureaucrats gave the on-time status of the project a red alert, which means it is not running on track.

The same report, from Infrastructure NSW, rates the cost status of the project amber, which means it is at risk of not being delivered within the approved budget.

Opposition Leader Luke Foley said Mr Constance had some explaining to do.

“On the face of it here, he’s misled the Parliament in giving an assurance that this project is one time and on budget, when in fact it is neither on time, nor on budget,” Mr Foley said.

“Of course, under our Westminster system, misleading the Parliament is a hanging offence for a minister.”

Read more by Sarah Gerathy via ABC News.