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Bus and Tram Express

NSW govt light rail contract ‘incompetent’

Aug 21, 2018Uncategorized

A parliamentary inquiry has slammed latest transport fail by this incompetent NSW Government. Chris Preston, Bus & Tram Division Secretary said “This NSW Government is a joke. Commuters, tax payers and workers don’t deserve this.”

Read the article by AAP below.

Serious planning omissions, an “insanely” weak contract and workers urinating where they shouldn’t – they’re just some of the problems plaguing Sydney’s delayed eastern suburbs light rail.

A parliamentary inquiry into the impact of the light rail on Monday unearthed a litany of issues that continue to hamstring the $2.1 billion project.

The inquiry heard the penalties for delays are capped in the contract between the project’s builder Altrac and the NSW government.

Transport for NSW representatives admitted the liquidated damages clause is capped at 15 days and $7.5 million for each of the project’s 31 zones.

This would amount to a maximum of $232.5 million being paid in compensation for overdue works – less than half of the current $500 million cost blowout.