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Bus and Tram Express

NSW Government betrays commuters with Sydney bus privatisation

May 16, 2017News


The Rail Tram and Bus Union of NSW (RTBU NSW) has condemned the NSW Government for its betrayal of Sydney commuters and public transport workers with the announcement it would privatise public bus services across Inner Western Sydney.

RTBU Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston said the Government’s decision to privatise bus services would slash routes, close bus stops and cost the jobs of 1,200 public transport workers.

“This announcement to privatise bus services is a complete betrayal of Sydney commuters and bus drivers.”

“It will result in rolling closures of bus services and bus stops for commuters across Inner Western Sydney, affecting tens of thousands of commuters.”

“1,200 public transport workers, who just last December were given assurances by this Government that their jobs were safe for 5 years, will now get the chop.”

“We oppose privatisation because we know at the end of the day, it’s the commuters who’ll pay.

“Private bus operators put profits before the public. To make money they’ll slash services and cut back on maintenance. We’ve seen it happen before.”

“Less popular, less profitable bus routes get the chop and commuters are left stranded.”

Mr Preston said absolutely no consultation has been undertaken with the Inner West community, commuters or bus drivers about the decision to privatise bus services.

As recently as December the CEO of the State Transit Authority issued a letter to all 5,000 public transport workers assuring them that their jobs would be safe for the next 5 years.

“Commuters were assured their routes and bus services would be protected. Bus drivers were assured their jobs were safe. Now they’ve been betrayed.”

“If the Government cannot be trusted on to keep its promises not to privatise bus services, what can it be trusted on?”

“There should be no doubt that the Government now intends to privatise all public transport across NSW.”

“Every Sydney commuter needs to be asking ‘is my bus next on the chopping block?’