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Bus and Tram Express

News – Opinion Piece: Parramatta light rail setback is a betrayal of Sydney’s new pioneer populations

Apr 8, 2022News

The story of Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 has many twists and turns.

It is now more than seven years since then-premier Mike Baird promised stage two of the Parramatta Light Rail between Parramatta and Olympic Park. The state government had already committed to Stage 1 between Parramatta and Carlingford, a project due for completion next year. 

Such dreams now look further away than ever. In fact, tens of thousands of residents have been stung by fresh revelations in the Herald that the government is set to indefinitely delay Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2, citing rising costs and labour shortages.

Sydney has had decades of transport focus on communities in the north and east. It is time to get serious about delivering transport infrastructure for Parramatta and the west.

This opinion piece was written by David Borger, executive director of Business Western Sydney, former lord mayor of Parramatta, and NSW government minister and State MP for Granville.

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