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Newcastle Light Rail recruits – make sure you join the RTBU

Jul 20, 2018Uncategorized

You may have seen in the news that Keolis Downer is recruiting staff for the Newcastle Light Rail as it nears completion.


The company is seeking to fill 20 fill time positions for light rail drivers and control staff. The RTBU will cover workers in both of these roles, working to ensure they get the fair wages and conditions they deserve.


We encourage anyone considering applying for these positions to make sure you join the RTBU to ensure your workplace rights are covered.


We’ve all seen the problems Keolis Downer has caused its workforce in the past – with timetabling and pay issues a key feature of the private company’s takeover of the bus network in Newcastle. But the RTBU has proudly worked to force the company to fix the issues impacting workers, and negotiated numerous successful outcomes for workers.


The RTBU put the heat on Keolis when their payroll system was failing to pay drivers correctly and ensured this issue was fixed, and we’ve been out in the media time and time again speaking up for our Keolis Downer drivers’ when timetable complaints and other issues are in the news.


We’re looking forward to working with these new Keolis Downer workers to ensure they get the pay, conditions and respect they deserve too. We’re also looking forward to standing up for light rail drivers and control staff in coming months as the workforce in the region grows.


Best of luck to anyone applying for these new light rail jobs, and we look forward to representing you and standing up for issues that matter to you.


Click here to read the story in the Newcastle Herald about Keolis Downer’s recruitment drive. https://www.theherald.com.au/story/5534759/keolis-downer-recruiting-to-fill-20-new-driver-and-controller-jobs-on-the-newcastle-light-rail/