Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Newcastle industrial action

Jun 10, 2022Uncategorized

Following a unanimous decision to vote down the latest insufficient wage offer from Keolis Downer, RTBU members took stop-work action between 10am and 2pm June 3rd as part of their fight for a decent living wage.

Tram and Bus Division President of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW, Daniel Jaggers said drivers are being forced to take protected industrial action to pressure their employer to pay a wage which allows them to make ends meet and live where they work.

“Keolis Downer told drivers they could work seven days a week to supplement their income, because they claim they can only pay what the State Government gives them. If that is the case, the RTBU is calling on Minister David Elliott to have these contracts readjusted to ensure our members receive a living wage” Mr Jaggers said.

The RTBU apologises for any inconvenience and has timed the stoppage for the middle of the day to reduce any impact on school and peak services. Parents were assured that drivers will be there to get their kids to and from school.

The union sought direction from the members who decided to push for a 7% pay rise over 2 years.

Solidarity on the day was strong with representatives from Hunter’s Workers, the SDA, CFMEU, MUA, AMWU and the AWU all in attendance supporting our members.

Further action was to take place next week with the BDC however the legal back and forth between the company and the union over a technicality means that will be rescheduled. The bulletin sent to Newcastle members can be read here.