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New OHS training available soon

Jun 27, 2012News

New training will soon be available for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) at STA following changes to Occupational Health and Safety laws.

Paperwork will be sent out shortly to members elected to the OHS committee regarding the training, asking members to select an OHS training provider as part of this process.

The training will bring reps in line with new standards under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

It is important that all members involved in this process understand that they are free to choose the training provider they think is best.

STA will have a preferred provider and will no doubt pass on information about its training opportunities in due course.

The RTBU would recommend the committee look at providers that are experienced and understand workers’ concerns in the workplace.

HOSTA, Health and Occupational Safety Training Australia has an excellent track record in OHS training and runs a number of different courses.

While it is understood some committee members have already attended management’s preferred training course, the RTBU strongly recommends committee members choose HOSTA for any future training that is required. To express interest in one of their courses you can fill out this form.

If members have any questions or concerns about training or choosing a provider they should contact their union representative immediately.