Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

New bus routes a pain for the elderly

Nov 6, 2015News

With the massive upheaval that has seen George Street closed to traffic, and 330 buses barred from entering the CBD, customers have had to rethink their travel plans.

For most this has been an inconvenience with bus stops removed or buses delayed, but for others it is a real pain.

Elderly people and people with a disability are bearing the brunt of these changes, with buses now terminating well away from their usual stops, forcing passengers traveling into the city to break their journey and seek out their next connection.

This leaves older people forced to walk between buses and trains, up and down platforms, and through interchanges, just to make a trip they used to be able to do on just one bus.

Here’s a letter one resident sent to her local paper about the situation: