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Mould hazard at Mona Vale

Feb 8, 2012News

Management at Mona Vale depot are trying to fob off drivers complaining about the awful smell of mould growing at the back of their buses, saying that the problem is all in their head.

"It's all in your head", says management. Click for more images.

Despite photographic evidence, showing mould growing all over the back seats, management has shown little interest in cleaning the seats which not only smell awful but are a health hazard to drivers and passengers.

The mould seems to be the result of leaks at the back of some B12 buses during the wet summer.

Drivers have been told there is nothing to worry about but management should be aware of the issue after similar problems arose two years ago on North Sydney buses. Drivers struggled then to have the mould removed, but eventually management had to concede there was a big problem.

If you have mould in your bus don’t be intimidated, book it up and refuse to drive it. This is a public health issue and should not be tolerated by drivers just because STA doesn’t want to spend the money fixing the problems.