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More Northern Beaches ruckus prompts RTBU safety call

Oct 15, 2013Uncategorized

More reports of antisocial behaviour on Northern Beaches buses has prompted further calls from the RTBU for the State Government to get real on driver safety.

A driver on the 151 route has reported a major brawl on board his bus which required police to attend.

The driver said that when he was inbound at Mona Vale junction at 3am last Thursday a fight broke out and police were called.

Police were forced to use capsicum spray and a taser to bring one man under control.

The driver said that the main issue was a lack of publicity about violence on the Northern Beaches, with bus drivers forced to put up with the verbal and physical abuse they received on a regular basis.

Divisional President Gary Way said the driver’s report was further evidence of the need for the State Government to take violence on the city’s bus services seriously.

Gary said that the union is continuing its call to ramp up late night security to protect drivers.