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Bus and Tram Express

Messages of support

May 24, 2017News

We’ve had a steady stream of support for our campaign against bus privatisation from other unions, community organisations and individuals. Here are some of their messages.

Dear colleagues,

The New South Wales Teachers Federation passes on support and solidarity to the Sydney bus drivers taking action today in protest agains the announcement to privatise more o fthe Sydney bus network.

The Berejiklian government does not hide its privatisation agenda, with Sydney’s inner west bus drivers and commuters just the latest to feel the sting. This government is waging a war on workers and the working class by attacking public provision of transport, housing, health and education in prisons and TAFE.

Yours in solidarity,

Maxine on behalf of John Dixon, NSW Teachers Federation

Hi friends,

The Workshops Division membership is fully supportive of the actions of the Bus and Tram Division members to take action against privatisation that they have as we have had to put up with the same matter for quite a few years and had some of our sections placed in private contractors’ hands.

Please pass this on to the members which have taken this action with great risk to their positions and livelihood.

It is also time that this matter is called out for what it is.

The contracting out of public workers’ jobs is the way conservative governments shift the responsibility of running the public transport in this state to the private sector instead of what they are elected to do.

It is also time that the taxpayer also learned that these services are still subsidised with taxpayers’ money and the private companies are paid a very lucrative contract to run these services.

This amounts to the Transport Minister admitting that he can’t do his job and the taxpayer should ask for his resignation.


Mick, RTBU Workshops Division.


I want to say that I and many others totally support your bus strike actions today against the horrific idea of privatising transport and buses in this state! I am not a member of the union, simply a very concerned citizen and I abhor that the rich will only get richer and screw our lives even more as a result of this plan to privatise inner west buses by these corrupt politicians.




I sent the email below to my local member, John Sidoti, protesting the privatisation of inner west bus services.

Kind regards
Kaye, Abbotsford


Dear Member Sidoti,

I heard on the news about the government’s proposal to privatise bus services in the inner west.

I strongly oppose any such move.

The government has clearly forgotten history: its been proven in the past that private bus services simply do not work. I grew up in Lane Cove, where the private bus services (Northern Western) was so unreliable that the government brought back the routes.

It’s abundantly clear that any delays or unreliability with the services are fundamentally a result of traffic. Privatising services will not make the buses run on time – only fixing Sydney’s gridlock problems will.

Please understand that this is a vote changer. I will not, under any circumstances, vote Liberal if bus services are privatised.



Dear union,

I know that you have been forced into this position by the underhand masking methods of this state government. Keep fighting. Keep strong. Constantly point out that the disruption is due to poorly thought out planning by the government.


Good evening

I live in the Inner West and fully support the proposed strike. I believe the services provided by the inner west bus services, both drivers and the quality of the buses, is outstanding. I think the government is on a rampant sell-off binge and has betrayed both drivers and the residents of the inner west.

I hope that the many affected organisations and communities can work together to stop these destructive activites.


Robert, Balmain.

Dear Bus Drivers,

I am writing to support your strike. I am an inner west public transport user and I am appalled that the NSW Government has made this decision with no regard for the public transport users of the inner west. Can the union and politicians of the inner west join forces to explore ways of addressing the complaints that do not involve privatisation? If a private company can make the services work then so can the public servants.

I have also emailed the Transport Minister, the Treasurer, Jodi McKay and Jo Hanley.


The Urban Transport Secretariat of PAME (All Workers Militant Front), that represents the class trade union movement of Greece and the bus drivers of Athens, expresses its support to the bus drivers of Sydney, Australia, who are on strike against privatisations.

The attack of the Capital against the workers escalates on a global level. The transport sector is on the front line of this attack.

Our struggles and solidarity among the workers is necessary for the counterattack of the working class against the offensive of the Governments and the Capitalists.

The Urban Transport Secretariat of PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers in buses of Sydney.