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Members stand together and win PPE for Leichhardt Depot

Feb 4, 2022Uncategorized

Members at Leichhardt bus depot stood together and won a massive victory this week, forcing Transit Systems to provide appropriate PPE for workers.

With the introduction of even more electric buses into the fleet, open air charging stations had to be installed for the new vehicles. The installation company gave clear instructions that when refuelling the buses, rubber gloves and insulated shoes had to be worn to protect workers from injury.

On Wednesday Members brought safety concerns to the union as Transit Systems had not provided the appropriate PPE, but directed workers to refuel the buses without it.

This disregard for worker safety was completely unacceptable, and members would not stand for it. The RTBU gave clear direction to all Members not to refuel any electric buses without being provided with PPE – and Members did not waver.

As a result of our Members’ action, we are pleased to report that Transit Systems will provide all workers at Leichhardt depot with PPE by this weekend. While shoes needed to be ordered for a handful of members, mats have been provided to fulfil their safety function until they arrive.

Congratulations to everyone who took a stand and sent a clear message to Transit Systems: it’s their responsibility to provide a safe workplace, and workers will not back down on their rights.