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Meet Your Local Delegate – Andy West

Nov 6, 2014News

Andy West


Why did you become involved in the union?
 I’ve always enjoyed working with people and helping others. I see being part of the union as an extension of that. Helping people is my main motivator.

What are your hobbies and interests?
 I collect first editions of books –my most prized are my two signed first editions, ‘Money’ by Martin Amis and L’Etranger (The Stranger) by Albert Camus. I love literature, the spoken and written word – before working as a bus driver I worked as a copywriter.

Where do you live and why do you like it? I’ve recently moved to the Blue Mountains from the inner west, where I had lived with my wife and kids for around 30 years. I’m really enjoying the ‘tree change’ and the lifestyle.

Who would you like to have dinner with (dead or alive) and why?
 I’d love to sit down with Gough Whitlam and Neville Wran so I can ask them what it was like to come into office and make sweeping changes in so many areas.