Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Marathon meeting of light rail members discusses draft enterprise agreement

Mar 14, 2016News

629In a four-hour meeting with Chris Preston and David Woollams, 40 members from light rail made it clear they won’t be copping the current draft enterprise agreement from Transdev.

Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston said it was important that the members got to have their say.

“To have that many members turn up to have their voices heard was great to see,” Mr Preston said.

“People came in on their day off, and took time out of their breaks because they didn’t want to miss an opportunity to get involved.

626“This shows just how passionate the members are about this issue and how important it is that we get the right agreement for our members.”

Bus and Tram Divisional President David Woollams said that direct feedback from members was vital.

628“We need to hear what the members think about the draft enterprise agreement so we know what issues to take back to Transdev to get fixed,” Mr Woollams said.

“Whether it’s wage issues, rostering, safety, or overcrowding, these are all things that need to be considered in the enterprise agreement.”

With the expansion of light rail, and new services being added to cope with growing demand, it’s important that the union is able to fight for the best possible deal for members and to ensure they are recognised for the role they play in keeping Sydney moving.

If Transdev refuses to make the necessary amendments to the draft agreement, the union will discuss with members about taking other action to secure a better deal.