Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Light Rail under heavy pressure

Sep 20, 2016News

screenshot-2016-09-20-15-46-33Just months after securing a better deal for light rail drivers, Divisional Secretary Chris Preston is again calling for a better deal on the cities network, this time for passengers.

Preston joined calls in the Inner West Courier for Transport for NSW to boost funding to Transdev to deliver more light rail services.

“Even one extra tram is a step in the right direction,” Mr Preston said. “There needs to be more funding for some additional services.”

Morning and afternoon services are unable to keep up with demand, even after 90 additional services were added earlier this year.

While that means an extra 3,700 passengers each day, it is still falling well behind the 6,300 spots needed.

With new lines and services due to come online soon, now is not the time that the government should be cheaping out on supporting light rail.

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