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Life Membership for David Woollams

Mar 26, 2021Uncategorized

Tram & Bus Division member, David Woollams, was presented with Lifetime Membership to the RTBU by Branch Secretary Alex Claassens on Wednesday 24th March.

David was an incredibly hard-working member of the union and has made countless contributions over the years he’s been active since 1984.

David started his journey as a bus cleaner at Hamilton Depot on January 9, 1984, where he later trained as a bus driver nine months later.

In the two decades that followed he was part of both the Hamilton (1984 -1990 and 2000-present) and Belmont Depots (1990-2000), where he served as a relief Delegate, acting Delegate in the absence of the elected Executive Officer, and was eventually voted in as Executive Officer during his time at Belmont Depot.

Four years after returning to the Hamilton Depot in 2000, David was elected Hamilton Executive Officer in 2004.

David became the NSW Branch Assistant Secretary in 2012. In 2013 he became the Tram & Bus Divisional Organiser and also served as the Divisional President from 2014 to 2018 prior to his retirement.

Along the way, David face many challenges. There are quite a few of note.

  • The proposed privatisation of Newcastle buses by the Grienier/Baird Liberal government
  • Prevention of buses terminating at Newcastle’s West end, which would have resulted in job and bus services losses
  • The fight to retain a bus layover in the East end of Newcastle
  • Arguing for a living away from home allowance for Newcastle drivers during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, resulting in drivers being allocated free accommodation.

David has also been a friendly face on numerous Councils and Committees:

  • Bus (bus cabin design and air condition to be in all new buses)
  • Bus seats (introduction of ISRI driver seats)
  • Bus stops
  • Clothing (new uniforms & akubra hats)
  • Enterprise Agreement
  • OH&S and WH&S
  • Tribunal
  • Roster
  • Local Council
  • Campaign
  • Tram & Bus
  • Branch
  • National

David was ardently committed to representing members at both Hamilton and Belmont depots in Newcastle on discipline matters, and maintaining fairness and equity of weekend work for all members. He was also a prominent voice in our campaign against the privitisation of government services in NSW.

David is extremely deserving of his Lifetime Membership and we are very proud of his service to the RTBU.

Congratulations David!