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Lack of maternity uniform an issue for pregnant drivers

Jul 10, 2015News Uncategorized

Recently the Daily Telegraph reported a bus driver working for a private company who was still driving buses while heavily pregnant with a baby due in just days.

“Driving buses is a really pregnancy-friendly job because I’m sitting down,” the woman told the Daily Telegraph.

RTBU Bus 1506 Photo Woman Bus Driver Uniform

Currently female STA employees have no access to maternity uniforms

At the most recent RTBU Women’s Campaigns Committee meeting, inflexibility of shifts was a common problem for staff members who have care responsibilities.

Another issue raised was the uniform – STA does not provide a maternity option, which compromises the comfort of staff members who are pregnant.

Currently if you are a pregnant employee your only option is to request a ‘made to measure’ uniform which would cost you extra out of your uniforms allowance.

With only 8 per cent of STA employees female, it’s clear there is a big issue with recruiting and retaining women.

Are you a female bus driver with care responsibilities? What do you think could be improved?

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