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Bus and Tram Express

Know your wages policy

Sep 2, 2014News

As negotiations on the new award for bus drivers continues, it is important that members understand the conditions under which we are bargaining.

Under the NSW Government Wages Policy, public sector employees can only receive a maximum pay increase capped at 2.5 per cent per annum.

This 2.5 per cent wage cap was passed as law and is inclusive of the superannuation increase mandated by the Federal government.

This means that the NSW Government is able to absorb the expense of the increased superannuation contribution by reducing the pay increase to workers.

Plus the wage policy means that anything above the cap must be compensated for by a reduction in other employee-related conditions.

If you want to know all the details of this harsh policy which in now in law, you can check out the Budget Measures Bill 2014 and in particular from page 27 through to page 30.