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Know Your Rights: Personal Sick Leave

Sep 14, 2011Know Your Rights

With Brett Peters…

Section 60. Personal Sick Leave

60.2 An employee is entitled to the following amount of paid leave for absence due to personal illness of injury:

(i) Fifteen working days for all employees except for those nominated in 16.2 (ii); or

(ii) Employees who commenced on or after 1 February 1995:

(a) Eight working days per year for up to 5 years service;

(b) Ten working days per year from 5 to 7 years service; and

(c)  Fifteen working days per year for over 7 years service.

If you think your rights are not being upheld at work or you have a question, make sure you get in contact with your delegate or email us at nswbus2@bigpond.com