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Bus and Tram Express

Know Your Rights – Part time Bus Operator

Jun 10, 2016News

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Section 12. Permanent Part-Time Bus Operator

12.1 A permanent Part-time Bus Operator is a Bus Operator who:

(i) works less than full-time hours of 38 per week; and
(ii) has reasonably predicted hours of work; and
(iii) receives on a pro rata basis, the equivalent pay and conditions of full-time employees of the same classification.

12.2 The Parties agree that Part-Time employees can be utilised to perform work in excess of their daily agreed hours if full time Bus Operators at the Depot are unavailable to undertake the work required to be performed to maintain service delivery on the day.

12.3 It is agreed that new employees offered part time Bus Operator positions will not be offered or rostered for two shifts on any day.

12.9 All time worked in excess of the hours as mutually arranged will be overtime and paid for at the rate prescribed in this Award.