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Keolis Downer Region 8 Bargaining

Aug 3, 2021Uncategorized

Talks with Keolis Downer have been progressing and there has been agreement on several key items, while many others are still under discussion.

Things that have already been agreed:

  • Super paid fortnightly in line with wages
  • Super increases not taken out of any pay rise
  • No standing down without pay for disciplinary matters
  • Removing the Industry Allowance (it’s already a part of our hourly rate but reference to it needs to be removed)
  • All driver training will be done in Region 8 and not outsourced to other areas
  • Appointment of an Aboriginal liaison officer
  • Streamlining the Dispute Resolution Procedure (this defines the steps we have to take to go from a local dispute to taking a matter to the Fair Work Commission)

The agreed fallback position if we can’t agree on things is to go back to the Award so there’s no danger of losing what we have. If we can get more or change things slightly to make certain things work better for members, then we’ll certainly look at that.

The union is meeting with KD weekly and working through these and other issues. We’re on track to have a document out to members by the end of August, and then we can look at a vote shortly after. 

It’s important to remember that STA has absolutely NO SAY in how the transition happens in relation to your conditions. They have no power to demand you sign the letter of offer and neither does TfNSW. Legally, you simply have to sign it before the date of transition. 

When you sign the letter of offer has no impact on ANY of your working conditions.

The union will not put members in a position where they will be disadvantaged in any way by not signing the letters.