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Keolis Downer CCTV ‘trolling’ victory

Jun 5, 2020Uncategorized

Recently local delegates identified discrepancies in the process used to by Keolis Downer during the disciplinary matter of one of our members. After the Union investigated the matter, discussions were had with Keolis Downer and the company agreed to put boundaries around the viewing of CCTV and have more involvement from the local delegates in this process. This is a huge victory for our members.

More specifically Keolis Downer has agreed that any CCTV viewing concerning employees needs to be specific to the actual time of the complaint or alleged event. This means that they will focus on the time of the actual complaint and can’t just troll through other footage of that day. 

If they want to view CCTV footage outside of these parameters, they have agreed to discuss this with the local delegate, employee and/or support person before formalising any further complaints with the employee. This means that a delegate has the opportunity to talk through the complaint before being confronted with footage without proper context. Often the footage doesn’t account for many factors which would have led to an incident and if managers are aware of these before watching the CCTV, it could mean a reduction in penalty or dismissing of the complaint.

Keolis Downer also committed to answering any anonymous complaints through a verbal discussion with the employee. With this commitment, delegates now have the opportunity to mount a reasonable defence and resolve the complaint without even needing to resort to CCTV. This should also reduce the amount of complaints that lead to poor outcomes for members, when someone is trying to have a go at a driver and doesn’t put their name to it.

Further to this, Keolis Downer have also said that they will commit to tidying up the CCTV viewing log process by ensuring that dates, times and reason for viewing CCTV are recorded and accessible to delegates. This will enforce accountability and ensure that the correct process has been followed by managers when faced with a complaint against our members. Every member deserves fair treatment and this will help prevent a single person from becoming judge, jury, and executioner or abusing the privilege of viewing CCTV footage.

“It was only through the vigilance of local delegates that we were able to see the issue and then work towards making sure members’ rights at work were protected,” said RTBU NSW Tram and Bus Division President Daniel Jaggers.

“Members should be proud of this victory and make sure they tell their local delegate whenever they come across anything that doesn’t add up.”