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Bus and Tram Express

Katrina calls it a day

Mar 27, 2017Uncategorized

Ms Katrina Auld (p.a to both the RTBU Tram and Bus Division’s Secretary & President) has decided that after giving the best part of 31 years loyal service to the “Bussies” she has decided to embark on a new career.

Having started in May 1986 with ATMOEA and working for the then secretary Drew Robertson, Katrina has worked for numerous elected officials as well as various divisions of the RTBU.

Assisting delegates and members with issues has also been a huge part of Katrina’s daily workload and we thank her for her years of hard work and dedication.

Katrina’s last day will be the 31st of March.

It’s with sadness that the RTBU says farewell to Katrina, we will all miss you.