Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Infrastructure Australia warns more buses will be at ‘crush capacity’

Aug 13, 2019Uncategorized

Infrastructure Australia’s latest report card has revealed that public transport in Sydney has been far more crowded in the last two years – an unsurprising find.

The report warns that demand for public transport will only grow in the next decade as driving on congested roads and paying exorbitant parking fees drives people to buses and trains. This is particularly so in the congested north shore where commuters are predicted to start flocking to B-line services and  “services using the northern beaches bus corridor are forecast to be operating well in excess of crush capacity all the way from Dee Why to North Sydney in 2031”.

Having priority bus lines on certain roads means that buses are usually faster than driving that route as commuters are not stuck in traffic jams for hours on end.

Bus demand is also expected to rise for routes along Victoria Road and Parramatta to Liverpool due to their priority bus lanes.

In fact, Sydney has the top eight most congested roads in Australia during morning rush hour, with the top being a section of the Gore Hill and Warringah freeways.

“The report’s findings are just proof of what we and our members have known for quite some time. Instead of adding short-term politically driven infrastructure projects that we pay to build and then pay to use, maybe they should focus on fixing the infrastructure that already exists. There has to be some forward thinking and long term planning to this process, or we’re going to be stuck with a costly series of band-aid solutions and no room to move,” says RTBU Tram and Bus Division Secretary David Babineau.

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