Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

In Principle Agreement Reached in the East

Feb 11, 2022Uncategorized

Following review of the draft EA by the industrial team at Hall & Payne lawyers, we can confirm an ‘in-principle’ agreement has been reached between the union and Transdev John Holland Buses (TJHB).

A couple things we had planned to include in this bulletin are not possible due to staff availability here at the office. Apologies and thank you in advance from your patience.

  1. An example of the Letter of Offer. We had planned to do this at request of members and will do so next week.
  2. A summary of the changes to the Award. There are items still under discussion that need to be finalised before this can happen. Changes will be explained to members soon and a copy of the document provided to review.

This means that members should feel free to return their Letters of Offer and deduction form.

The first step has been taken and we are on the path to having our Award go across into the private sector. Members will be kept updated as we progress the union roadmap.