Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Improvements needed as bus complaints pile up

Sep 10, 2016News

screenshot-2016-09-16-17More than 34,450 complaints were raised with the Baird Government about the Sydney’s bus network in just the last year.

Complaints related to buses running late, uncleanliness, and missed stops.

The 389 Bondi Junction to Maritime Museum received a massive 954 complaints, with the 343 from Rosebery to Chatswood coming in second with 736 complaints.

When customers are frustrated with a service they don’t always take their frustrations out on the government and make a complaint in an app – usually they just let the driver know in the least pleasant way possible that they aren’t happy.

For every complaint that the government receives, drivers get double or more directly told to their face.

Instead of trying to save money and cut costs, the government should be looking at better funding services so they are more frequent, and dealing with delays by improving bus ­priority, implementing clearways and examining stopping patterns to identify just where the problem areas are.

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