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Bus and Tram Express

Important update for RTBU members on proceedings in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission

May 26, 2017News

The RTBU and other unions have strongly condemned the actions of Transport Minister Andrew Constance in threatening and intimidating his dedicated and committed workforce.

The unions told the Commission that members are demanding:

  • an immediate halt to privatisation
  • an apology from Andrew Constance and
  • a four hour stop work mass meeting.

Andrew Constance was missing in action from the Commission proceedings, instead choosing to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on Senior Counsel to deliver the bad news about his privatisation plans.

In short, Minister Constance informed the Commission that he plans to ram his privatisation plans through. This includes:

  • the privatisation going ahead although there has been no warning, notice or consultation with the workforce and the community;
  • there will be no transfer payment or redundancy for affected workers;
  • workers will be given no other option but 18 months guaranteed employment with a private operator.

The RTBU’s position is that it completely and unequivocally opposes Minister Constance’s plans.

Employees have been offered nothing other than the prospect you will be out of a job by July 2018 if you choose not to work for a multinational company and may be out of a job in the next two and a half years if you do. Once again Andrew Constance shows that he has no respect for hardworking State Transit employees, many of whom have served their communities for decades.

Embarrassed and stunned by your resistance and the public backlash against his bus privatisation plans Minister Constance is attempting to quell our campaign by making an early offer to State Transit employees. Transport for NSW will be conveying these plans to you and your colleagues on Monday.

This unacceptable offer is an attempt to undermine our unity and weaken our resolve to oppose Minister Constance’s privatisation plans.

The RTBU rejects every part of this offer and we advise all members to do the same.

Instead, we encourage every member to sign up to the ‘Don’t Sell Our Buses’ campaign and to encourage family members and friends to do so.

Unions are back in the Commission on Wednesday next week.

We will let you know then whether Andrew Constance had paid any attention to your demands.

Yours in Unity

Chris Preston

RTBU Tram and Bus Divisional Secretary