Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Hills residents still campaigning against local bus cuts

Sep 16, 2019Uncategorized

As members are aware, the new Metro has led to extreme bus cuts in Sydney’s north-west. Express buses to the city and other major areas were completely scrapped or significantly reduced. As per usual, there was no community consultation and the focus turned to getting everyone on the Metro, regardless of whether it was in their best interests or not.

Now, residents of the Hills area are campaigning in the community to have services return to what they were. The increased commute times and more frequent changes between modes of transport have left residents a lot worse off. Commuting times have doubled and many have to get to the car park before 6:30am just to get a spot.

“We completely agree with commuters. Scrapping the buses has been a wasteful exercise for everyone involved. The only thing this NSW Government does consistently is ignore commuters and communities in the pursuit of scoring political points,” said RTBU Tram and Bus Secretary David Babineau.

“People are more than just numbers to be shunted onto various transport platforms and assumed to be happily travelling. Their needs matter and what they need right now are their bus services returned and for the Government to listen for once.”

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