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Bus and Tram Express

Happiness is a safe bus

Nov 7, 2011News

Swift action taken by drivers over safety issues associated with gas-powered buses has forced STA to acknowledge the problem and take the necessary steps to fix it.

The Bus Division appeared today before the Industrial Relations Commission to bring an end to drivers’ dispute with State Transit Authority over safety on gas powered buses.

Your union had earlier requested four safety upgrades to the Mercedes OC 500 gas buses and today STA agreed to implement all four upgrades. These are:

– A fire suppression system fitted to all 255 of these buses

– A fire alarm fitted in the driver’s cabin

– Remedial training for all members in relation to emergency procedures to do with gas powered buses

– The introduction of a standard procedure for STA’s radio room so that when a bus driver calls about a safety issue on a gas powered bus there is a clear check-list of safety measures to meet.

See correspondence from your union and STA here.

These are all practical measures that will reduce the risks associated with engine fires on gas buses.  It is shame that we had to stamp our feet, and take drastic measures to get STA and the State Government to take this issue seriously, but a good outcome has been achieved in the end.

STA still can not determine what caused the explosion in July which remains a concern for your union but we are now satisfied that with the implementation of these safety upgrades an incident on a gas bus should never get to that stage again.