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Bus and Tram Express

Government dragging its feet on gas bus safety measures

Aug 24, 2012News

One year after a gas bus exploded in Hillsdale, prompting drivers to pull them all off the roads, promised safety measures for the buses have not yet been implemented.

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STA said it would oversee the installation of fire suppression systems for each gas bus, but not one has been installed.

RTBU officials were called bullies and thugs by the Premier when they took the decision to remove all gas buses from service.

But a recent report by the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations vindicated drivers’ actions and gave a further mandate for action to improve safety on buses.

Gary Way spoke with Channel 10 about his concerns saying the lack of action so far was a real concern for drivers.

“It is critical the STA and the Government act now to ensure the safety of drivers and bus travellers,” he said.