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Bus and Tram Express

Gladys Berejik­lian sets 18-month deadline to fix congestion woes

May 23, 2018News Uncategorized

This story comes from a Government who are already running far behind schedule and soaring over budget on every project that they get their hands on.

Chris Preston, RTBU NSW Bus & Tram Division Secretary said, “This is just an attempt to convince voters that the NSW Liberal Government is doing something about our shocking congestion here in Sydney. But instead of fixing and investing in our public transport, they are selling it off to private companies at every chance they get. Whether it’s the privatisation of Sydney’s Inner-West buses the privatisation of Newcastle’s buses, or the closures of major rail lines along Epping to Chatswood and Sydenham to Bankstown, or even the mismanagement of Sydney’s train timetable; Sydney commuters are getting the raw end of the deal at every turn. This Government are only creating more havoc for Sydney commuters, not less.”

Read the story by Anna Caldwell in the Daily Telegraph below.

PREMIER Gladys Berejik­lian wants Sydneysiders to give her 18 months to fix the city’s congestion woes, ­declaring her “game-shifter” solutions are just around the corner.

Ms Berejiklian has dec­lared the city is on the cusp of major change as up to four landmark road and rail projects will come online and shift hundreds of thousands of commuters off chronically clogged routes.

“There will be a tipping point in a positive way in the next 18 months — all these projects will start to come online and that’s a game-shifter,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I’m absolutely confident that the next 18 months are going to completely change people’s perspective. The infrastructure we are delivering will change people’s lives forever in a positive way with less travel time and more convenience.”