Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Focus on Driver Security

Jun 5, 2014Uncategorized

Following a spate of recent incidents where NSW transport workers have been bashed, threatened and abused, the union has launched a campaign calling on the NSW Government to guarantee the safety of the workforce.

Bus drivers face being spat on, abused and worse every day and something must be done to protect them.

It is the responsibility of the NSW Government to provide a safe working environment.

The RTBU has written to the Minister demanding answers but we also need members’ help.

We need as much information as we can get from our members to document the effects of poor government security provisions. We need to keep a centralised log of attacks on workers so the Union has the evidence to back our ongoing call for change.

You can help us by sharing your story.

Your name and other personal information will not be passed on to management or the Government, but the details of the incident will.

If you have experienced any threats to your personal security, please take five minutes to provide the details of the incident here.

Help us hold the Government to account and make them uphold their duty of care to their workers.