Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Emerging pattern of cover-ups reveals where true bastardry lies

Oct 19, 2011News

Action taken yesterday by bus drivers has finally forced STA to take the safety of drivers and the travelling public seriously.

After a video, brought forward by a whistleblower member of the public, exposed just how dangerous the recent explosion of a gas-powered bus was, the Industrial Relations Commission ordered STA to report back on this issue by the 25 October.

A working group involving bus drivers has been set up, with the first meeting to be held on Friday.

Public comments from Premier Barry O’Farrell, however have tried to draw attention away from what is clearly an important matter of public safety.

The Premier has attempted to deflect criticism of this cover up by linking it to the union’s current pay claim.

In the process he has labelled our safety concerns as “an act of bastardry” and promised to “fight the unions to the death”.

These comments are completely offensive and speak volumes about the character of the man.

Drivers will not be bullied by the Premier, and will always put the safety of their passenger first.

Drivers now know the true extent of the explosion was kept hidden for almost three months.

Would Barry O’Farrell be happy for his children to be sitting on the back of the bus that exploded?

A few weeks ago, Barry O’Farrell failed to tell families in Newcastle about the toxic gas cloud from the Orica plant.  This is yet another disgraceful cover up under Mr O’Farrell’s watch.

If you’re looking for “patterns of behaviour” it is clear that Barry O’Farrell would rather cover up scandals than let families know that their safety is in danger.

That is the real act of bastardry.