Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Email the NSW Government to end Bus Privatisation 

Oct 7, 2022Uncategorized

Last month, the NSW Legislative Assembly handed down a report recommending the Government end bus privatisation.

You can read the full report and its recommendation here.

We’ve known that bus privatisation doesn’t work; no one knows this better than our members and commuters who have both suffered.

That’s why we’ve set up an action calling on the NSW Government to adopt the report’s recommendations. You can add your name to our letter and help add pressure on the NSW Government to fix the mess they’ve made.

It’s been an abject failure, and now the calls to end privatisation are coming from the Labor Party and Greens and WE NEED TO ADD OUR VOICES! 

It’ll only take a moment and the more emails we send, the greater our chance of making bus privatisation an issue for the election and beyond.