Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Election results

Apr 16, 2013Uncategorized

The results for the recent Union Elections have been declared and published.

The results of ballots involving the NSW Tram & Bus Division are as follows:

National President

Candidates                                                                         Votes

COLEMAN, John                                                                1429

SIDRA, Victor                                                                     581

DOOGAN, Owen                                                               4417

I declare Owen Doogan elected.

Total Votes                                                                          6427

Formal Ballot Papers                                                        6523

Informal ballot papers                                                       96


National Vice-President (Road)

Candidates                                                                         Votes

WAY, Gary                                                                           2590

MASON, Ken                                                                      1023

Total Votes                                                                          3613

Formal Ballot Papers                                                        3613

Informal ballot papers                                                      193

I declare Gary Way elected.


Assistant National Secretary (Tram and Bus Division)

Candidates                                                                         Votes

KOC, Tarik                                                                          1027

ALTIERI, Phil                                                                    2565

Total Votes                                                                          3592

Formal Ballot Papers                                                        3592

Informal ballot papers                                                      214

I declare Phil Altieri elected.


Branch Delegates to the National Executive (New South Wales Branch) (3)

Candidates                                                                         Votes

PRESTON, Chris                                                               1924

JOHNSON, Terry                                                              860

HAYDEN, Robert                                                               1975

BADHESHA, Hardeep Singh                                         590

KLINEBERG, Douglas                                                      1781

Total Votes                                                                           7130

Formal Ballot Papers                                                        2625

Informal ballot papers                                                       20

I declare Robert Hayden, Douglas Klineberg and Chris Preston Elected.


Delegate to National Council from NSW Branch – Tram and Bus Division (4)

Candidates                                                                         Votes

DELOHERY, Mark                                                           1194

COMPTON, Matthew                                                       1266

IIVANOVIC, Zivko                                                            1214

JAGGERS, Daniel                                                              654

SARKER, Ashish                                                                1122

Total Votes                                                                           5450

Formal Ballot Papers                                                        1674

Informal ballot papers                                                       76

I declare Matthew Compton, Mark Delohery, Zivko Ivanovic and Ashish Sarker elected.


Branch Divisional Delegate to Branch Council (5)

Candidates                                                                         Votes

MASON, Kenneth                                                             352

LEKKAS, William                                                              1200

WIRTH, Wendy                                                                  585

BURKE, Alan J                                                                   1186

EDDY, Bruce                                                                        1215

GRECH, Peter                                                                      1181

PETERS, Brett                                                                      1128

Total Votes                                                                            6847

Formal Ballot Papers                                                         1680

Informal ballot papers                                                       70

I declare Alan J Burke, Bruce Eddy, Peter Grech, William Lekkas and Brett Peters elected.


All of the positions filled in this Election are honorary and have no effect on candidates existing positions, however, these honorary positions are critically important for the Tram and Bus Division as we continue to ensure our Divisions influence in the Unions Peak Decision making Bodies.

Congratulations to all successful candidates and congratulations to the voting membership.

“The members have spoken.”

For a full run down of the results click here.