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Bus and Tram Express

Drivers left exposed as late night abuse continues

Nov 14, 2012News

Two more drivers have come under attack on the job in the past week.

One driver has undergone abuse at the hands of a disgruntled passenger in the early hours of Sunday morning. Ryde member, Warren Graves – known to everyone as Barney – was spat on and called a f***ing c***. Luckily for Barney his glasses copped most of the spit otherwise it would have ended up straight in his eye.

This came on the same night another driver was assaulted whilst driving along Anzac Parade in Kingsford. The driver was punched in the face by a man before three passengers helped remove the man from the bus.

These matters have been reported to the police but more needs to be done to stop these incidents happening in the first place.

Drivers, particularly at night, are being exposed to dangerous situations they shouldn’t have to handle on their own.

The union is taking every opportunity to make STA management and the Government aware of this problem and demand that action is taken in the form of an increased security presence on the network to ensure drivers’ and passengers’ safety.