Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Driver makes right moves after bus safety alerts fail

Jun 20, 2012News

A driver acted to ensure no further risk was taken to his passengers’ safety when the bus he was driving failed to alert him after several school students fell from the bus when they leaned too hard on the back doors, forcing them open.

The students fell out of the bus near the corner of Blaxland Road and Victoria Road in Top Ryde, when their mucking around on the bus got out of hand.

Normally when an incident like that happens the emergency breaks are immediately engaged and the driver is alerted.

In this instance no alert was given and the driver was not aware of the problem until his next stop. Once the driver was alerted, however, he ensured all students were removed from the bus and alternative transport was arranged.

RTBU Assistant Secretary David Woollams says the bus driver is to be commended on his actions in a difficult situation.

He spoke with Channel 10 on Friday about the accident.