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Bus and Tram Express

Don’t break the law to keep the city moving next week

Oct 1, 2015News
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Elizabeth and Park St intersection

Drivers who regularly take Elizabeth street are already aware of the congestion caused at the Park St intersection.

For months, we’ve been getting complaints from members that it’s nearly impossible to turn left into Park Street from Elizabeth Street when travelling into the city without getting caught by the red light – particularly if you’re driving a bendy bus.


Chris Preston talks to Channel 7

This already causes big delays when buses are waiting and waiting for a  moment when they can enter the intersection legally – and with the extra busses taking this route next week we’re really worried this could lead to traffic banking up for kilometres.

We’re advising drivers to be patient and not take any risks when entering this intersection. Each time the red light camera catches a bus it’s 3 points off your licence – and if you lose your license, you lose your job.

The RTBU has written to the Transport Minister and has also highlighted this issue in the media in the hope that the State Government will find a solution so that buses can pass through this intersection without being penalised.

It’s up to the Government – not us bus drivers – to provide a solution so that the city functions on Tuesday morning.

We’ll be out and about in key locations around the city on Tuesday morning to monitor how the city deals with the impending traffic chaos.

For more information, you can watch Channel 7’s report on this here and you can read the RTBU’s media release here.