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Dispute update – part time broken shifts and widespread use of casual employees

Aug 16, 2013Uncategorized

STA have advised the RTBU that they will not back down on their crusade to implement part time broken shifts and to use casuals in the first instance to cover any absences.

Members would be aware that the Union has placed this issues in the dispute.

Union Officials and Senior STA Management have met as required in the dispute settlement procedure and the matter remains unresolved.

Unions NSW will now attempt to mediate, this will take place on 19th August, 2013, if this fails then the Union will refer the matter to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

The RTBU has asked STA to respect the status quo clause in the Award, and will do whatever is required to have this clause enforced until the dispute is resolved.

These matters are very serious and will have a detrimental affect on rosters and overtime opportunities.

The Union will keep members informed as the dispute now enters the critical stages.