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Crisis talks: next steps

Feb 22, 2018Uncategorized

On Monday the 19th of February, the RTBU held crisis talks with Keolis Downer to raise our serious concerns about their inability to resolve a variety of issues after many months of problems. Keolis Downer is yet to implement a working roster and pay workers correctly.


From the meeting, we agreed upon the following next steps:

  • RTBU – Fair Work Dispute hearing to be suspended;
  • RTBU – to provide payroll issues being raised by employees to Mark Dunlop for follow up;
  • KDH – Roster Committee Shift Sheet concerns regarding missing time allowances to be addressed for Shifts commencing Sunday 25th Feb. Itemised response on items found to be provided by Shift.
  • RTBU/KDH – Future Roster Committee formal itemised findings to be presented to management and a responses provided back to RTBU on actions taken.
  • KDH – additional payroll resources to be allocated – note resource identified in Rosters will be engaged on a part-time basis initially so as not to jeopardise Rostering function.
  • RTBU/KDH – regular weekly meeting with Union Delegates and Mark Dunlop until further notice.
  • KDH – Consultative Committee meetings to be held fortnightly for the next 6 weeks and then monthly.
  • RTBU/KDH – meeting scheduled 5th March 9:30AM to review progress – (RTBU Hamilton offices)

That evening, RTBU Bus Division Secretary, Chris Preston, spoke to over 1,000 angry commuters who shared in our frustration of Newcastle’s bus privatisation. It was clear that it’s not just drivers who are angry, but thousands of community residents who are bearing the brunt of an inferior, reduced service from the private operator.

We’ll keep you up to date with information as it comes, so keep your eye out on Bus Express.