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Bus and Tram Express

COVID-19 Update: Clarifications and new information on support available

Jul 30, 2021COVID19

There is a misconception by some people that the Public Health Orders are somehow illegal or do not have the force of law. The Public Health Orders are made pursuant to Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010. Section 10 then makes it an offence to not comply with such an order. It is the law. 

The RTBU suggests that if you are affected by this latest change that you get tested at a location either close to your depot or on the way to or from work. Hopefully this will limit the time you’re spending waiting in queues at testing sites in Fairfield itself. 

COVID Movement Requirements

There is a lot of confusion about movements and requirements under the new Public Health Orders, please check the latest information.

Proof of COVID-19 test

If you must have proof of your COVID-19 test, you must show the proof of your test when asked:

  • at your workplace by your manager (occupier), or
  • to a police officer

You do not need to get the results of your COVID-19 test before going to or staying at work.

If you test positive, follow the rules for people who are confirmed cases of COVID-19.

People who do not need a mandatory COVID-19 test

You do not have to get a COVID-19 test before working if you live and work outside the affected local government areas. Again, refer to the for the latest information.

More timetable changes next week

Transport for NSW advises that buses will be moving to an altered Monday to Friday timetable with school specials operating only when schools have requested them and some peak services trimmed back where buses are running consistently empty.

More services will be allocated to the Tradie peak early in the morning and afternoon. Inner west tram serves will be operating normal Monday to Friday and the Randwick and Kingsford tram lines will be working a Sunday timetable with additional services between 6-9am and 2:30-5pm.