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COVID-19: Clarifications from NSW Health and Transport for NSW for Tram and Bus Members

Jul 16, 2021COVID19

Recent developments and clarifications came from NSW Health and Transport for NSW on Tuesday 13 July.

There is a misconception by some people that the Public Health Orders are somehow illegal or do not have the force of law. The Public Health Orders are made pursuant to Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010. Section 10 then makes it an offence to not comply with such an order. It is the law. 

Please read the full list of Orders that apply here.

The RTBU suggests that if you are affected by this latest change that you get tested at a location either close to your depot or on the way to or from work. Hopefully this will limit the time you’re spending waiting in queues at testing sites in Fairfield itself. 

COVID Movement Requirements

There is a lot of confusion about movements and requirements under the new Public Health Orders, what we know is this-

If you live in the Fairfield LGA you need to have a test every 3 days starting from this Saturday.

Proof of COVID-19 test

You must have proof of your COVID-19 test such as an SMS text message on your phone or an email addressed to you.

You must show the proof of your test when asked:

  • at your workplace by your manager (occupier) or
  • to a police officer.

You do not need to get the results of your COVID-19 test before going to or staying at work.

You must get a test every 72 hours (3 days) when you are working outside the Fairfield local government area if you live in or are staying in the Fairfield local government area. 

If you test positive, follow the rules for people who are confirmed cases of COVID-19.

If you have NOT been able to get a test, over this weekend only, you should contact your employer and let them know you have been unable to get a test.

You will be directed to get tested on paid time at a location close to your depot.

You will be expected to return to work afterwards and continue your shift as normal.

Entry to a workplace

Follow the requirements if you are the occupier of a premises that is:

  • not a place of residence
  • located outside the Fairfield local government area.

You must not allow a person to work at your premises unless that person has had a COVID-19 test in the past 72 hours.

You are allowed to ask a person who is at your premises to show you proof that they have had a COVID-19 test in the past 72 hours.

This applies to all people, including employees, contractors and other service providers who:

  • work at your premises and
  • live in the Fairfield local government area.

People who do not need a mandatory COVID-19 test

You do not have to get a COVID-19 test before working outside the Fairfield local government area if you live outside the Fairfield local government area.

The map here shows how far from Greater Sydney you can travel without needing to get tested, unless you’re living in the Fairfield LGA as covered above. The Greater Sydney Area is shown in orange, and the allowed range of travel is in purple. Anything past the purple area and you must get tested every 7 days if you live in Greater Sydney. If you’re travelling TO Greater Sydney from outside, it remains the case that you should self-isolate when not at work.